Wiring system design and diagrams for industry


Electrical panels for next-generation automated systems


Outsourced wiring system design and diagrams in Bologna, Italy

CEM SERVICE, based in Bologna, Italy, is an expert in the design of industrial wiring systems which has been taking on outsourced work in this sector for over 20 years.

Our team of technicians at CEM SERVICE – DICO GROUP is highly specialised and uses the best design software, such as EPLAN5, EPLAN P8 and SPAC. This allows us to assess, resolve and implement the different requirements we are presented with.

We offer a service which is able to cover the entire development process: from the initial specifications to the drafting of design documentation for the electrical system, to management, construction and “AS-BUILT” revision.
Design often involves highly complex systems, in the sector of automatic machines, from food to pharmaceuticals, from recycled materials to packaging, in all their variants.

An all-round wiring system design and installation service

Our design department handles all services related to the design of electrical panels:

  • Electrical design
  • Hardware and software consultancy
  • PLC and Motion system programming
  • Co-makership and hardware and software co-design
  • Training for technical departments
  • Revision and re-design of electrical systems

The electrical systems are created in accordance with current standards: IEC 750, IEC 61346, CEI and FIAT standards

In a market undergoing constant change, with ever-higher levels of competition, or goal is to provide a design service for wiring systems which is able to deal with change and constantly adapt to the requirements of those who choose us as a partner.

We always start out from the specifications requested by the customer and maintain a close relationship throughout the entire project to guarantee the highest quality of service, in a constant relationship of development and partnership.

Cutting-edge wiring diagrams

The wiring diagrams we create use the latest generation of components. The technical drawings which make up the design of an electrical system highlight how the entire automation process of an automatic machine must be powered and controlled. Our panel technicians then use the diagrams to install all components and wiring for the electrical system itself.

We have various workstations with the latest versions of EPLAN5, EPLAN P8, SPAC which are kept constantly updated. These tools allow us to ensure consistency and integration of all processes required for the development of a cutting-edge wiring system.

Thorough technical documentation for impeccable service

At CEM SERVICE – DICO GROUP we can help you design the automation processes for entire production lines, starting out from the design of the wiring system. In designing an electrical system, the information given is highly detailed, and must include:

  • Machine / system layout with all components represented
  • All components of the electrical system present in the electrical panel
  • Wiring system materials/components BOM
  • PLC I/O structure
  • Terminal boards and connectors layout/li>
  • Legend/symbols
  • Wiring/electrical materials BOM

It is precisely because the technology used for electrical design is constantly evolving that we also assist our customers when they have to make structural changes to their systems. In this case, we identify the best software and hardware architecture and recommend how best to manage the control logic (PLCs and PCs) for the entire system.

Contact us to design your next electrical system alongside our team.