Industrial Electrical Panels and Automation

Industrial Electrical Panels

The entire automation process, from design to final testing

Industrial Electrical Panels

Electrical panel documentation and conformity

Industrial Electrical Panels


The CEM SERVICE – DICO SERVICE team is highly qualified and has been working in the widest range of industrial sectors for the last 20 years. We produce industrial electrical panels for automatic machines and systems, maintaining the highest standards of specialisation in the following sectors:

  • Packaging
  • Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Tobacco
  • Tea and coffee
  • Cosmetics
  • Food

Always attentive to the smallest details, we are specialised in the production of electrical panels for industrial automation. We work in close contact with our customers and partners in order to identify the most suitable control solution to meet their requirements.

We are highly specialised, and are not intimidated by high levels of power: our industrial electrical panels manage systems ranging from a few kW right up to the multiple MW range.

Many years of experience have allowed us to develop a consolidated and reliable process. This means that our design and production of electrical systems is constantly monitored and kept up to date with the latest standards, regulations and methodology.

Electrical Panel Design

The first, essential, process is undoubtedly design. Part of our service indeed consists of designing the hardware for the electrical systems. This includes the development of the wiring systems, in strict accordance with applicable standards and legislation.

Hardware Procurement

The next step is selection of the hardware required for the project. We use hardware manufactured using the latest technology, the results of scouring the market to identify the highest performance, cutting-edge components.

Quadri elettrici conformi a molteplici standard

We then move on to the creation of the panels, from assembly to wiring of the components required for correct operation of the entire system. Production and all wiring are performed in accordance with IEC standards, as well as UL/CSA standards for the North-American market, as CEM SERVICE is UL508A certified.

Installation on the machine

At this point we are able to install the systems on the machine and carry out the wiring for the entire production line.
We run the wiring from the cabinet to the individual sensors or actuators on the machine.
We handle every detail of the electrical panel and machine wiring, from wiring right through to final and functional testing.

Final testing

Like any good job, installation concludes with final testing of the entire system. This is carried out by our specialist technicians who provide the customer with a detailed test report.
Testing with the end product is also commonly performed when requested by the customer.


Extensive supporting documentation is delivered with the machine automation electrical panel; this includes:

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Testing certificate
  • CE declaration of conformity

CEM SERVICE can find a solution for your industrial automation electrical panel. Contact us to find out more.