Machine wiring 

machine wiring

For all automated mechanical sectors

machine wiring

In compliance with EN 60439-1 and EN 60204

machine wiring

Machine wiring and electrical panels

The intricate network represented by the machine wiring and electrical panels holds no secrets for our team of electrical wiring technicians. CEM SERVICE is a highly specialised company engaged in wiring of industrial electrical panels. We have been working in the industrial automation sector for over 20 years. Even with this extensive experience, we still make sure to use all the latest technologies: our operatives are equipped with mobile devices and tablets to allow them to consult the electrical and wiring diagrams in the field.

Our electrical and mechatronics technicians supervise all phases, from the wiring of the electrical panel in our workshop right through to the procedures on the machine itself. The installation work on the machine is often performed at DICO GROUP’s premises, where we work in close partnership with the mechanical assembly and testing departments. This proximity to the production departments creates a particularly efficient mechanical industrial complex. The strength of DICO GROUP is our ability to offer complete solutions even in very tight timeframes.

We offer machine wiring services for all industrial sectors

We are able to manufacture, assemble and wire electrical panels as supplier or on an outsourced basis for various manufacturing industries. We regularly work in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial recycling sectors.

CEM SERVICE has automated equipment for numbering of wires, terminals and components. What’s more, our premises boast automatic vertical storage systems for fast picking of materials and components. These systems are connected to our management information system in order to ensure stock availability is always updated in real time.

EN 60204 compliant electrical panels and wiring

It is essential in our work to carry out not only the functional checks, but also all testing and inspection required by applicable standards and regulations. We therefore perform all visual and instrument-based tests and inspections required by EN 60439-1 and EN 60204. These standards regulate, on the one hand, the regulatory requirements for electrical panels, and on the other the electrical components of the machine. As part of the final testing, the electrical panel is then powered up as part of a simulation. This last test ensures that all commands are given correctly.

CEM has been authorised to certify electrical panels to American UL/CSA standards for some years, a requirement for exports to the North American market. We are also able to manufacture electrical panels in accordance with the 508A standard. At CEM SERVICE, quality is synonymous with safety, and we always put both in first place.