Installation of machine electrical panels 


Cutting-edge automated systems with reduced power consumption


Installation of electrical systems on machines

The system takes shape. When we handle installation of the machine electrical panels, we create a central part of a production line’s automated system.

The most complex automation lines and automatic machines work as an elaborate, synergistic system. Each element is connected to the next via electrical wiring.
All parts and components connected to the machine electrical board, such as sensors, valves, motors, pumps and mechanical components, must operate with perfect synchronisation. We must be able to completely prevent any technical problems which could lead to machine stoppages. Even a short machine stoppage could have serious consequences for the efficiency of the entire production system.

Machine electrical systems which leave nothing to chance

When we create an electrical system, we take the utmost care to ensure that everything complies with applicable safety legislation. The design must ensure that the system is able to withstand all electromagnetic disturbances. Finally, it must be able to withstand the stresses deriving from use of the system itself over time.

An entity working in perfect harmony. CEM SERVICEDICO GROUP’s team of installers, wiring technicians and electrical developers are highly specialised and able to oversee the entire automation system. From the design to the planning and the procurement of components, right through to installation, wiring and functional testing. Every project concludes with the documentation and certifications required for commissioning of the machine.

Thanks to more than 20 years’ experience, we are able to build and install electrical systems which meet all our customers’ technical requirements.

Installation for next-generation systems with reduced power consumption

Our systems take into consideration all variables and external conditions (electrical, thermal, chemical, mechanical etc.) which could affect correct system operation.
The energy efficiency of industrial systems plays an increasingly important role. DICO GROUP’s CEM SERVICE always works to find the best solution, which ensures greater efficiency for the electrical system, combined with sustainable levels of energy consumption.

The installation of the entire system is performed in such a way that every individual part of the machine is connected to the central electrical panel. Sensors, mechanical and pneumatic actuators are suitably connected to the main panel.

Our systems’ high level of efficiency lets us and our customers sleep easy, however we are also able to incorporate vision systems and video cameras in the production system, throughout the machine, both for monitoring of critical points and for remote guidance of any maintenance work.
Finally, we can also install augmented-reality systems and viewers in order to provide the machine operator with additional information such as wiring diagrams and technical data sheets for the equipment.

Industry 4.0 and machine electrical panel standards and regulations

All our electrical panels are built and installed in compliance with the strictest international standards, including UL-CSA certifications, a fundamental requirement for exporting systems to North America.

Augmented reality and Industry 4.0 may seem like terminology from the future, but at CEM SERVICE we have been using various advanced line management and control tools for some time already. Thanks to Industry 4.0, our customers have a control dashboard for the entire production line. Industry 4.0 allows for direct communication between the machine or system’s central panel and the company management system, allowing for real-time production data.

Our technicians work alongside our customers, manufacturers of automatic machines, to offer the installation of highly specialised and high-performance machine electrical systems. Contact us to find out more.